We will ask for a GP's name and surgery and enquire as to any diagnosed condition. We may ask for assessments or additional support if we have concerns. We have accepted referrals to address, for example, depression, panic attacks, problematic behaviour, substance misuse, self-harm and the impact of physical or sexual abuse. We can also work with clients to support the managed reduction of their medication. A senior supervising psychotherapist triages all applications for our counselling service to ensure our counsellors are working ethically and within their competence. We are unable to provide counselling and psychotherapy sessions to clients whose presenting problem requires psychiatric support.


Teachers are often the first to notice that a child is experiencing difficulties. Whilst you may have concerns, therapeutic support is often beyond the resources of the school. Difficult behaviour that does not respond to the types of support offered by your school may well have an underlying emotional or psychological cause or reflect other stresses related to life outside school. Please contact us to learn about the service we can offer to pupils and students in your school.