Placement Students

Help! Counselling provides opportunities for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists to gain experience working with children and young peoplebetween the ages of 9 and 25 years.

Our charity is an association of self-employed and student counsellors and psychotherapists. Help! provides a policy framework to counsellors and psychotherapists to support safe practice when working with children and young people, as well as insurance and heavily subsidised supervisory support. In addition, Help! covers the cost of the introductory course to Transactional Analysis, the TA101, which is an internationally recognised entry-level qualification to Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Also, we provide a series of very low-cost training courses to support our counsellors and therapists to work with people with Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism). Further, we provide two days of training each year, one of which coincides with our Annual General Meeting. These training days are tailored to support our counsellors in their work with children and young people.

The first step in joining our charity is to make your application at contact/, where you can upload your current CV. Also, please download our policy documents from the Volunteer Contact Page. Before making your application, it is important to read carefully the policy documents, since you might find that our organisation cannot offer you a suitable role, so identifying that before making an application will save your time and ours. The majority of our clients are under 16 years of age, and those who are over 16 are allocated equally between all of our volunteers and placement students. At times, this can mean that there might be limited opportunity to work with adult clients.

Once we have received your Application Form and CV, if your application is accepted we will ask you to provide a copy of confirmation of membership of your professional body (typically, this will be either BACP, BPS or UKCP), a copy of your counselling qualification, and a copy of your Disclosure and Barring Service certificate for working with children. If you do not yet hold a counselling qualification, we will ask for a Readiness to Practise Statement from your training institute. If you do not hold an appropriate DBS certificate issued within the past three years, you can apply for one through Help! as part of your application and induction process.

Once we have received your documents, you will be invited you to meet with the charity’s Director, Neil Keenan, or one of the other Trustees, for an interview to discuss the administrative aspects of working with Help! Counselling. The Memorandum of Understanding contained in the bundle of policy documents that you download from our website will serve as the basis of that meeting and the contract between you and Help!. If, following the first meeting, both you and the Director or Trustee are happy to progress your application, you will be invited to a second meeting with the charity’s Lead Supervisor, Peter Flowerdew, who will discuss the clinical aspects of your work with clients referred through Help! Counselling. Following this second interview, if you and the Lead Supervisor are happy for you to join Help!, then you will start receiving client referrals from our Case Manager.

At Help! Counselling, we understand the special care and diligence that is needed when counselling children and young people. Our team of supervisors have decades of experience working with this client group and they will be on hand to support you in your work. Our mission as a charity is not only to support children and young people through the counselling sessions we provide, but also to support the professional development of new counsellors and psychotherapists who are seeking to work with this client group. In addition, for qualified counsellors we provide annual bursaries so that they can attend Master’s-level (Level 7) training in counselling children and young people. Our regular training events will provide you with learning opportunities designed for you to be competent and feel confident working with children and young people, and at these events you will be supported by the close contact you will have with like-minded colleagues

We look forward to receiving your application and having an opportunity to meet with you.