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Can We Help You?

Most of us experience times in our lives when the help we need just doesn’t seem to be there.

We might need someone to talk to whom we can trust and who can help us think things through. Sometimes we can talk to our family or our close friends, but that can feel too close to home, especially for very private problems.

  • There can be big problems at home or maybe you have some bad news that you are worried about -what will happen when people find out?
  • You may be struggling with getting on with your parents, teachers, brothers and sisters – feeling that they don’t understand you.
  • Maybe you have a big decision to make and you don’t have enough information to find a solution that feels right for you. Perhaps you need a safe way to find out the options available and someone to talk through the feelings with.
  • Then there is the pain that maybe no one else sees – it may be shyness, bullying, anxiety or any other personal nightmare.

Perhaps you have some very serious difficulties that you feel unable to manage ?

  • Coping with serious illness, either your own or someone close to you.
  • Someone close to you may have died, or attempted suicide.
  • Growing up with chaotic people, maybe they are violent, maybe they use drink or drugs.
  • There are lots of ways people can hurt each other.
  • Having to cope with really horrible things happening to you or to your family.
  • Making choices that seemed OK at the time, but these choices bring problems -including fighting, crime, sex, drugs – you want to change.

Whatever the problem, this could be a good time to get some Help !