Help! Counselling provides low cost counselling to children and young people aged between 9-25 years old in Bristol and the West Country. Our amazing team consists of volunteers (trained counsellors and psychotherapists) and trainees who all provide counselling for any child, any issue, for as long as it takes.

We are currently raising funds to find premises of our own. Having a space of our own will enable our volunteer counsellors to see more young people and extend the services that we already offer; such as Group Therapy for children and young people.


Provides a counselling session to one young person in need


Provides ‘Group Therapy’ to children and young people in need


Can provide enough sessions to help turn a young person’s life around

It is the kindness and generosity of people like you that enables us to provide counselling to young people for as long as they need.

So, on behalf of everyone at Help! Counselling and all the people we’re trying to help, Thank You!